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Top Rated B&B in Saugatuck Michigan For Sale

Beechwood Manor Inn & Cottage is a meticulously restored Greek Revival home located in downtown Saugatuck, MI “on the hill” and within walking distance to all of the restaurants and shopping that Saugatuck has to offer. The only Bed and Breakfast in Saugatuck listed on both the State and National Historic Registers.  With 3 Guestrooms in the Bed and Breakfast, all with private bath and 3 common area rooms, it is situated on approx. 1/2  acre of property. The large owners quarters offers an extremely large bedroom, living room, office, kitchen, large basement with plenty of storage and laundry area and has 4 separate entrances so you are completely removed from guest areas. The grounds are well manicured with parking for guests.

Saugatuck has become a 4-season destination and, with the advertising efforts of the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Saugatuck Area Business Association (SABA), “off season” months are showing a steady increase in activity. The selling price includes a successful, fully furnished, turnkey business with an excellent track record, many repeat guests and lots room for growth. $489,000Cash at time of sale.

There is also an adjacent 3 bedroom, 1,100 sq. ft. Cottage which can be purchased and added to the sale if desired. The addition of the Cottage allows excellent rental along with an addition 1/2+ acre of land connecting the Bed and Breakfast to the Cottage which allows the ability to not only monitor the Cottage and be present for guests but also, with the additional land, weddings, receptions, parties, etc. can now be hosted on the property.

Visit our website for photos and descriptions of all guestrooms and Cottage.  Please feel free to contact us directly with any further information requests you may have.  Financial documentation is available with a signed non-disclosure agreement.


Excerpt from NEXTVILLE: Amazing Places to Live the Rest of Your Life by Barbara Corcoran and featured on NBC’s Today Show. (click here for the clip)

Saugatuck, Michigan

A Great Spot to Open a Bed-and-Breakfast (But They Won’t Let You Open a McDonald’s) 

If you’re one of those friendly souls with dreams of opening a cozy bed-and-breakfast somewhere in leafy New England, think again.  Maybe you should consider handing your ‘Rooms For Rent’ sign instead along the beautiful sand dunes of Saugatuck. 

Sauga-where, you ask?  If you’re not from the Midwest, you may not know about this little gem of a place, which is tucked away on the east side of Lake Michigan.  Saugatuck has super clean beaches with giant sand dunes big enough to gallop on.  It’s known locally as “the art coast of Michigan,” with galleries galore, a funky art school in the woods, and artists setting up easels in the middle of the sidewalks downtown.  On top of that, Saugatuck has great shops, world-class golf close by, and its own movie festival that’s much like a mini Sundance.  All of that means there’s money to be made here because there’s a growing demand for B&Bs. 

Great towns often have a colorful history, and Saugatuck is one of them.  For a while it was known as a wild little ‘sin city,’ as it was the only place in this part of Michigan where you could buy booze.  This attracted bands of motorcycle riders who rumbled into Saugatuck to party, giving the town an even rowdier reputation. 

But that was then and this is now.  These days Saugatuck is laid-back and mellow.  It’s often compared to Martha’s Vineyard and Key West but feels more undiscovered and has more small-town innocence.  Everyone eats fudge in Saugatuck, and the local pizza shop is what passes for a ‘hot’ restaurant.  Paddleboat rides are all the rage, and the ferry that takes you across the river is hand cranked, bumping slowly along on a chain that extends from one shore to the other.  There’s no Starbucks or McDonald’s – they’ve tried to come in, but the locals banded together and said, “No thanks.”  Those same citizens began a wonderful dial-a-ride bus service as an alternative to driving.  Seniors call in and a bus picks them up at their door, taking them anywhere in the area for a whopping fifty cents! 

The people of Saugatuck are a motley crew, coming from all over the country and mixing young writers, artists, a large gay community, and lots of retired professionals.  There’s a fair number of millionaires with yachts and also some lovably eccentric characters, such as eighty-year-old Jan Van Dis, who plays the Statue of Liberty every year in the town’s doo-dah Fourth of July parade.  Jane also sleeps outdoors in a box once a year to raise awareness for homelessness. 

One reason Saugatuck attracts so many creative types is a quirky little place called Ox-Bow.  I guess you could call it an art school, but it doesn’t have classes, per se.  Ox-Bow is more like a collective of artists, with studios set out amid the trees by a lagoon.  It was designed as a haven that art students could escape to, without any distractions from the real world.  But lots of people who attend Ox-Bow never leave Saugatuck.  They stay and become local artists.  That’s why there are so many art galleries in town, and it’s why the B&Bs all adorn their walls with works by local artists. 

There are about forty B&Bs in Saugatuck, ranging from grand old mansions to little cottages.  Although the town has been dubbed “the B&B capital of the Midwest,” it doesn’t mean the B&B market is tapped out, by any means. Fred Schmidt, who oversees the local business chamber, says, “They all do pretty well because we have so many visitors, and at the same time there’s a lot of turnover so you’ll often find a B&B up for sale.”  My advice: spend a week in Saugatuck, stop in at the B&Bs, and talk to the friendly owners to scope out the market and see what’s available.  But be prepared to discover you don’t want to leave.  Fred, a onetime New Yorker who retired here eight years ago, says: “You won’t get me out of here except in a box.” 

What It’ll Cost You: The average home goes for $252,400, but a nice B&B starts at $500,000 and they can run way up.  Keep in mind you’re buying a home and a business, and a well-run B&B should pay all the expenses, including your financing. 

Bonus Fact: If you’re a retiree here, you’ll save on taxes because Michigan has homesteading rules.  That means retirees don’t pay taxes to run the schools because they don’t have kids using them. 

Median Age: 46


Photos of the B&B and Cottage.  If desired, there are more photos available and also the photos below are available in hi resolution.


Common Living Room/ Entry                                                                Common Living Room                                              


Original Woodwork Staircase



Enid's Guestroom, Fireplace and Private Bathroom (below)



Ethel's Guestroom, Fireplace and Private Bathroom (below)


Saida's Guestroom, Fireplace and Private Bathroom (below)



Owner's Quarters Kitchen (below)


Cottage Living Room and Kitchen (below)